October 3, 2017

Fall DIY: Succulent Pumpkin Center Pieces

Hi everyone! So my younger sister recently approached me to help her with a school project were she would need to create something to demonstrate to her class. Here's what we came up with: Mini Succulent Pumpkin Center Pieces.

October 6, 2016

Drake X Future: Summer '16 Tour

September 27, 2016 has to be the best day of my 24yrs of life, hands down!! I went to The Forum and saw the GOAT

Trending: High Ankle Booties

After almost 3 weeks, I finally received my boots! Although they're more of a forest green than olive green, I love them! I got mine in a 9 and they fit true to size. One thing I dislike is I think my right heel was placed on to the shoe unleveled. So we'll see how they keep up. 

In other news, it's 86 degrees, mostly cloudy, and VERY humid in Southern California! Looking out of the window is so misleading. I can't wait for 60 degree weather! 

September 13, 2016


So Friday, I'm at the studio with Nick The Artist doing an A Toast 2 Artistry paint party and he tells me he's doing an event for LL Cool J's daughters Sweet 16.