October 3, 2017

Fall DIY: Succulent Pumpkin Center Pieces

Hi everyone! So my younger sister recently approached me to help her with a school project were she would need to create something to demonstrate to her class. Here's what we came up with: Mini Succulent Pumpkin Center Pieces.
Seeing as how when Fall rolls around, we like to decorate the house differently. This was a perfect and easy DIY activity to do with the family!

What you'll need:
1. Pumpkins (large or small)
2. Glue 
3. Moss
4. Succulents 
5. Flowers

First, you'll want to lay down some newspaper or a trash bag to catch any fall out. Start by applying glue to the top of your pumpkin. Then, stick on the moss. Be careful because it can get a little messy. Next, add more glue to the various areas where you want to add the succulents and flowers. That's it! Super easy!  

1 comment:

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