January 8, 2014

Braids in 2014?

Hey everyone,

So I recently posted a pic of myself with braids on Instagram. Yes, I did it. I got braids! I am having mixed emotions about them right now because I've thought negatively of them until seeing celebrities starting to bring them back during the end of 2013. Like I said in my YouTube video, (that should be up tomorrow www.youtube.com/aliachanel ) I am still trying to get used to them. At this point in time, I don't quite feel like they fit my style or personality. I mean yes, I do play with them while I talk and flip them around but thats just what you do when you have long hair…right? LOL So far everyone seems to like them on me which does give me a little confidence boost with having them but ultimately I have to like them. I haven't yet completely decided to hate them and plan on seeing how I feel as time goes on.

The braider used about 4 1/2 packs of Black N Gold Synthetic Braiding Hair and did small-medium size braids. It took a whole whopping 10 hours to do. I did not sleep the night I got them done due to excessive throbbing of my scalp. Im not completely sure why she braided my hair so tight, but my guess is that since my hair is so short, she really needed to grab the hair and make sure it was snug and secure so they won't come out easily. Overall, the first night/day were the worst and after taking Ibuprofen 600mg a couple of times, the pain went away.

I chose this style over getting a weave because I HATE the fact that I can't successfully scratch my scalp since my hair dresser uses the mesh net. I have a really dry scalp and constantly need to put oils on it to keep my hair strong and my scalp moisturized. With these braids, I can wash, condition, and fully dry my hair at home without having to worry about my hair mildewing underneath instead of having to pay to have her do that at the salon. Im trying to have a little money management now since I'm going back to school and while being a full time student, one cannot always afford the luxury of going to the salon every two weeks. (sad face)

That is all for now. I will update you all with my next hairstyle as soon as I get it. If you know me, you know that will be soon. LOL

Alia Chanel 

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