September 9, 2014

My Bedroom Makeover

Ever since we moved into this house, I never really felt like it was "home." I never came home and felt extra relaxed and happy about being in my bedroom. It was always "just whatever." Since I recently got out of school and started working again, I decided to invest my money in something worth mentioning. I decided to re-do my room!
(As opposed to spending it all on food.) My mom is the one that actually inspired me to do it. She has been working on her bedroom and office space and it's been pretty exciting finding cute things and the deals! I've found that it is more appealing to come home to my bedroom with these new changes. It really puts me in a better mood now.

 I found a really nice, all white down comforter for $68 (clearance) and a white parsons desk for $35 (clearance) at Target that I built all by myself!

I went to Home Goods and found this gorgeous, silver leaner mirror on sale for $99 originally $160, a white porcelain elephant, and meal tray both just $9.99 each.

I decided to purchase these really cute grey, white, and pink pillows. I actually bought two square shaped ones ($17.99) at Ross and I found two more rectangular shaped ones ($12 ea.) at Marshall's. My mom found the grey sequence one at Home Goods for $24.99.

It has been a fun little project to do. I still have some items left to get like wall decals, picture frames, a chair for my desk, a shelf with those little cubby like cubicles and some curtains. Of course I'll let you know what I find!

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