August 17, 2016

Wake & Shake!

It has been a Wednesday morning tradition to head over to Jamba Juice after dropping my sister off at school. My most recent Summer go to drink is the Aloha Pineapple smoothie. It's so tropical and refreshing. 

My Jamba obsession started off with my all time fav, Mango-a-go-go. I literally got the same drink for like 5 yrs until I found out about Acai Bowls at Juice It Up. About a year ago, I started getting my Acai Bowls from Jamba. I had to break up with Juice It Up after those mofo's rapidly increased their price, lowered the portion size, and the flavor/consistency varied each time I went. It would come out watery tasting and had big chunks of ice and/or they just filled the bowl with granola underneath and on top of the Acai concoction rather than giving the usual amount. Im still very disappointed in them. SMH!

If you haven't already, try these out:
1. Mango a-go-go
2. Caribbean Passion
3. Aloha Pineapple
4. Kale-ribbean Breeze
5. Acai Primo Bowl

The Brown Sugar and Blueberry Oat Meal is fresh in the morning and I also love the Apple Cinnamon Pretzels! 
 If you have any recommendations, comment them below!

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